We do our best to offer a high level of welfare and want all our clients to have the upmost satisfaction with our service. We are continually learning and improving so if you have anything to say on your experience with us, we would be pleased to hear from you.   
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Dan Bentley

“I have been visiting Katie for a number of years on a weekly basis. I am a retired paralympian athlete with Cerebral Palsy. Katie has been able to help me keep my body in check and iron out all the kinks which happen often due to the spasms I have. She has taken the time to get to know me and understands the way my muscles work, which obviously are a little different to the norm. She is very caring and always helps me maneuver myself on and off the couch. She has amazing knowledge of the human body and years of experience, she is definitely the go to therapist and I would always recommend her to my friends, family and other athletes.”

Zoe C

“I started seeing Katie after I tore the ligaments in my knee due to ice skating accident. Thanks to Katie I was literally back on my feet in a matter of days without her treating me I would have been out of action much longer. She is brilliant at what she does.”

Nicola L

“I just had to share Katie’s Facebook page. I pulled muscles in my back months ago… which lead to the muscle becoming so very tight and pushing on my sciatic nerve. The pain in my back… legs… were just unbearable. I felt so upset and miserable. Even on medication from the doctors to try and ease the pain. I have seen Katie three times, and she has solved the issue. What an amazing talented girl. She reassured me it was nothing more serious than a tight muscle. I feel so much better… then with weight loss helping too… I’m starting to feel like a new woman. I can’t recommend Katie enough. Such a lovely girl who can work wonders. Xxx”

Ola F

“I’ve had a prenatal massage and it was lovely and relaxing. Thank you Katie ;)”

Steven R

“Been suffering with my sciatica, started t feel good after a number of weeks then had to sit a course for 4 hours after a 2hr drive which triggered it again. Had difficulty getting to Perform Sports Therapy as I was in pain. 1hr massage and acupuncture session and back on my feet. Such a relief on mind and body!!!!! Highly recommend!!”

Julie R

“Saw Katie as I was suffering neck pain, 2 massages, pulse therapy thingy and acupuncture, I am pleased to report that I have been pain free for 2 days now… highly recommend.”

Gary D

“A friend recommended Katie, Katie has treated a few of my players from my team with injuries, she was excellent, professional and both players I have personally taken to see her are back playing again. I would definitely recommend 5 stars. Thank you from Haverhill Rovers Under 13’s Blue.”

Stan A

“Dear Katie, as you know I am your eldest client at 95 years old and you have treated me with acupuncture for my knee and I must say without any questioning the gentle treatment you do perform, it is quite painless and the after effects are noticeable because my walking ability is greatly improved. I would unquestionably advise anyone to have this treatment by you.”

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