Pre and post natal therapy

During the pre and post-natal period, many women that are still working, or are stressed and fatigued from carrying or caring for their new little one, need help to unwind, relax and take care of themselves. Our range of physical therapies specially designed for pre-natal and post-natal women, focus on combatting the physical and mental strain women experience to greatly improve their wellbeing and enjoyment of pregnancy or their first few months with their little one.

We provide a range of therapies, including medical acupuncture, massage and mobilisation techniques that can improve your general wellbeing during this extremely exciting, albeit sometimes uncomfortable, time of your life.

At Perform Sports Therapy, we not only offer sport-related therapies but a range of pre-natal and postal therapies too.  Having qualified in November 2016 in pre and post-natal care, we have developed considerable experience in a number of therapy methods aimed at assisting ladies to feel calm and relaxed, to alleviate muscular aches and pains and reduce swelling and blood pressure.  By using these techniques to help stimulate the release of serotonin, the body’s natural painkiller, making it the perfect natural remedy when taking medication is not encouraged.

Your Pre and Post Natal Care

On your initial visit we start by discussing with you how you have been feeling; whether you have been experiencing any specific aches, pains, discomforts or concerns, as well as going through your medical history during pregnancy and checking your blood pressure. This is to ascertain what would be the best form of treatment for you. This non-invasive method of treatment can help us to help you prepare for labour and encourage a relaxed state of mind for the event.

It is not uncommon for ladies to experience backaches or stiff necks, maybe leg cramps, swollen ankles, hip pain, headaches or migraines.  In some cases ladies feel some anxiety or stress owing to their condition, and usually find that sleep patterns become interrupted. Before treatment commences, we will ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and warm, as this assists with the therapy and makes the body more receptive.


Headaches/migraines can be treated by massage or medical acupuncture that focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. This warm rhythmic massage or dry needling relieves stress by relaxing trigger points and muscle spasms and reducing the tension that is causing the headache or migraine.

Leg Cramping

Leg cramping is another common problem experienced during pregnancy and is often accompanied by swollen ankles.  Whilst raising the ankles above hip height when resting can help, it is also beneficial to have your ankles, knees and legs massaged, assisting the excess fluid back up the leg from the ankles by encouraging the circulation of oxygen and improving the flow of lymphatic fluid which helps to clear toxins.

Getting Back To Your Pre Natal State

After your baby is born, we can help you restore your abdominal muscle tone, core and pelvic floor muscles by providing a relaxing massage and creating a specific program of some gentle exercises which will help you return your body to its pre-natal condition and increase your strength.

Improve Mental Wellbeing

Post-natal therapy, whether it be specifically to head, neck and shoulders or perhaps to hands, arms, legs and feet, can be hugely beneficial.  New Mums often feel overwhelmed by their new roles. They are recovering from the birth and tending to night time feeds, resulting in lack of sleep!  There is a great deal of readjustments to be made.  During this period of time a relaxing massage can restore feelings of wellbeing, boost energy levels and reduce anxiety, helping to rehabilitate you back to your pre-pregnancy state.

Our Qualified Therapists Provide The Dedicated Attention & Special Care You Deserve!