Kinesiology taping

Kinesiology taping is an elastic adhesive therapeutic tape designed to support joints and muscles whilst not restricting movement. It is widely used by top athletes and sportsmen, including Team GB and many Premier League footballers. 

At Perform Sports Therapy we have undertaken several courses in Kinesiology taping, providing us with full knowledge of new techniques and research in this field, to give you confidence that Kinesiology Taping treatment can be beneficial for your condition. During your consultation, we will discuss with you the best taping process to use that will support your needs, reduce pain and correct your problem.

The Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

When properly applied by a professional, Kinesiology Taping can correct;

  • posture problems
  • reduce pain
  • improve joint movement
  • support weak or injured muscles
  • stabilise a problem area without restricting movement
  • take the pressure off strained muscles
  • prevent re-injury
  • assist with the movement of lymphatic fluids and blood circulation

Made of a hypoallergenic and 100% cotton (containing no latex), the tape allows the skin to breathe, is easily tolerated and can be worn between 5-7 days without re-application. It is waterproof so showering and bathing and water sports/activities are no issue.

Application and Uses

The method of application depends upon the condition or injury requiring treatment.  It is important to ensure that the person applying the tape has been properly trained in its application so that, once applied, the taping meets the needs of your injury/problem and results in a reduction of pain and a full recovery to the afflicted area. 

It may be that taping alone will not be enough to treat your condition but, qualified in a range of treatment methods, we will be able to ascertain any other necessary treatments and discuss the best way to help you.

Kinesiology taping should not be confused with general athletic strapping tape, which limits ranges of motion and constricts the movement of muscle. It is removed after the athlete finishes their activity, leaving the afflicted area unsupported. The properties of Kinesiology Taping differ greatly, as it has been developed to provide optimum results and are well worth considering if you are currently experiencing muscle or joint pain.

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